With other businesses fighting for your client, your logo needs to be unique and eye catching. Vervocity will help ensure your logo stands out among your competition.


Your logo needs to work seamlessly in every application and be immediately pleasing and memorable. Our designers bring a fresh, broad perspective to developing the right image for your company using reason and logic, (with a hefty dose of creativity) while influencing your customer’s perception of you in the most positive way.

Vervocity will help ensure your logo stands out among your competition.


Your logo is literally the face of your business and it needs to help you stand out from the crowd.  We’ll ask the right questions to understand who your target customer is and what can influence them. Then, we convert that information into a visual symbol, thoughtfully incorporating fonts, colors and style to accurately reflect your business… a logo that will resonate with your customer.

Because no two clients are alike, we offer different levels of logo design. After an initial analysis of your brand strategy, we start the design process, working our way through ideas to reach a final result that inspires customer loyalty, presents a credible image of your business, and is functional for every application.  After all, you only get one chance to make the right first impression…and we’ll make sure it’s the right one!

What is considered when creating a logo design?

  • Understand the Brand

    To create an exceptional, unique logo that stands out we work with you to understand your brand.

  • Research

    Taking the time to understand your industry helps us create a logo that appeals to your target audience. Research also ensure that your logo isn't too much like any other logo in your industry.

  • Usage

    Where will you be using your logo? We evaluate where you will be using your logo to make sure that the logo we create can easily be applied across multiple applications.