The banking industry has been around for years and so have most banking websites. For that reason, we were happy when the Bank of New Madrid came to us for a new, modern, easy to navigate, and easy to manage website. Vervocity utilized the bank’s brand colors throughout the site in not only the page elements, but in their photography as well. The site embraces white space, making it easy to navigate while keeping it visually appealing. Buttons guide the bank customers through the Bank of New Madrid’s financial products in a straightforward way with easily recognizable iconography.


User experience is something we deeply understand and build websites around. That’s why we designed the Bank of New Madrid website to be responsive in preparation for high internet traffic from mobile devices. Intuitive navigation allows users to easily navigate the well-organized elements of the website. Throughout the design process, we also kept a sharp focus on security standards. Bank customers have peace of mind knowing that their sensitive information is secure with the Bank of New Madrid. Customers will also see alerts, announcements, and consumer tips right from the homepage so they are always informed. Vervocity is proud to have adapted our creative web design process to meet the unique requirements of the banking industry for this project.

Bank of New Madrid Homepage | Vervocity
Bank of New Madrid Interior Page | Vervocity