We make sure your website is available for everyone by providing ADA compliance planning, accessibility assessment and resolution, and ongoing monitoring. We scan and review your website and uncover potential issues. A report of the findings will be presented to you, then we’ll recommend a plan of action to make your website more compliant with ADA guidelines.

You can relax knowing you’re taking steps to prevent threats from ADA-related complaints, audits, and lawsuits when Vervocity performs ongoing monthly or quarterly monitoring of your website’s ADA compliance.


We’ll monitor your website for accessibility problems and address any issues that we find. Ongoing monitoring is an essential preventative measure toward conformance to accessibility guidelines each month, especially if your website regularly adds new content or receives other updates required for healthy website management. Talk to us about Website Accessibility and you’ll be confident there are no barriers that prevent people with physical or situational disabilities from accessing your site.

What are the most common ADA Accessibility Issues?

  • Missing Alt Tags

    We review the images on your website to ensure they all have Alt Tags. Alt tags are used on screen readers to explain what the image is on page.

  • Missing Title Tags

    Similar to Alt Tags, Title Tags are used on links to describe the action that the user will be taking when they click a link.

  • Contrast Check

    A review of the font colors on your website is completed to ensure the font is clear and visible on the background.

  • Broken Links

    We ensure that all links on your website, internal and external, are linked to a valid website page.